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September 2014

Chanel J12 Series 10th Anniversary Push Pure White Phantom Version

Recently, the 10th anniversary of the Chanel J12 series has been launched in a pure white Phantom version. Just ten years after the launch of the Chanel ceramic watch J12, it successfully sublimated Fashion Watch into the top watch field. This year, the brand launched a pure white Phantom version and a new style with the moon phase function for the first time to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the J12 series.

 At the just-concluded Swiss Baselworld watch exhibition, Chanel’s new pavilion changed from all-black to all-white display in the past, and a set of volute black frames was added to the outside to create a three-dimensional geometric effect. In the exhibition hall, a consistent open watch display is maintained. All new watches are placed on the stage and left to visitors to enjoy. Even a Retrograde Mysterieuse from the world is displayed in a ‘low-defense’ posture. Fans seemed very excited. As the brand reiterates that it will not make major changes to the J12, fans can rest assured that it will not be eliminated and become ‘Out’ like fashion trends! Speaking of the 10th anniversary of the new white Phantom or baguette diamond version, it is worth noting that the distance between the dial and the mirror is closer, and the inner bezel is designed at an angle, which has a large diameter visual effect. As for the protagonist J12 moon phase version, the moon phase disk is made of sand gold and glass, showing the color of the night sky. The method of reading is also relatively simple. The white wave pointer shows the moon’s profit and loss.

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Omega Princess Grace Stunning Cannes-news Omega

Nicole Kidman, wearing an unusual OMEGA timepiece with diamonds, appeared on the red carpet at the Cannes Film Festival. The film ‘Grace of Monaco’ starring an Oscar actor and OMEGA image ambassador was the opening film of this world famous film festival.

Oscar actor and OMEGA image ambassador Nicole Kidman, wearing an unusual OMEGA timepiece with diamonds, appeared on the red carpet at the Cannes Film Festival

Made in 1955, this rare women’s jewelry ‘mysterious watch’-so called because it has a diamond-studded cover with a hidden dial-made of 18K white gold and set with 50 brilliant-cut diamonds and 16 baguette-cut diamonds totaling an impressive 6.5 carats. The connection between the cover, the bezel and the Milanese mesh bracelet is covered with brilliant diamonds. This unique timepiece is equipped with an ivory dial and polished gold stick hands, and is driven by a 440 movement with a winding crown under the case.

A mysterious watch full of the classic temperament of a princess, full of history

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A man who likes Chopard LUC can look like this; Adrien Brody, or, look like this; of course, Duan Yihong can also be talented; Xu Zheng naturally finds him in the public; of course, Liao Fan is also thousands Shouted. Because Luo Jin likes this brand and this series, naturally he also likes his own personality. From the material and the people, he can naturally reflect the self-image of the master. So what is the personality of Chopard L.U.C? Nengwen L.U.C XP Zodiac Mitsubishi Watch. In addition to respecting traditions, you must learn things. You must be well-versed in the art and have the ability to appreciate art. Like Chopard, Zodiac watches are introduced every year. Not only, but also to optimize and sublimate this aspect. Pigs don’t show up well in the zodiac signs? However, the brand has the ability to describe this image vividly, but full of artistic sense. It expresses the lacquer art of dill painting vividly: the technique of splashing gold powder, the three-dimensional and design sense in the composition of the flat dial. They are all high-end. L.U.C XP Year of the Pig watch is used to collect raw lacquer materials from the Urushi tree. This resin, which can only be collected once a year, has become the name of the craft. The dial is supervised by Kiichiro Masumara, Japan’s living national treasure, and is painted by master lacquer master Minori Koizumi. In particular, it cooperates with Yamada Heiando, a Japanese royal lacquer supplier. ) Cooperation to perfect the 88 dials of this limited series. Nengwu ‘Wu’ said here by L.U.C Full Strike questioning table is not martial arts on the fist; it is the cultivation of the heart for excellence and excellence. The winner of the last GPHG Geneva Haute Horlogerie Award & quot; Golden Hand Award & quot; is a Full Strike minute repeater belonging to the Chopard L.U.C series. Being able to pull off the top spot in the ‘Oscar’ of the world of watches, and won the honor in the past few years, has proved that Chopard L.U.C’s both civil and military. The so-called ‘one minute above the stage and ten years under the stage’, in order to develop the 08.01-L movement produced in this watch, Chopard spent nearly 15,000 hours of energy, and also applied for this Three patents, and the watch itself has been imprinted in Geneva. Not only solving the mechanical problems, improving the quality of the gongs, but also taking into consideration the other timekeeping devices, functions, ergonomics and other considerations, this & quot; peerless good sword (table) & quot; has been achieved. This minute repeater developed, manufactured and assembled by Chopard, and made of 18K rose gold with ‘fair mining’ certification, became the king of martial arts in 2017. Chivalry Fair Mining Certification At the Baselworld Watch & Jewellery Show 2014, the first time a fair mining certified watch was launched, it was also the first watch in the world to use this certification. The LUC Full Strike minute repeater above also uses the same gold. Source made of case. So, what is fair mining certification? The significance of this certification is to ensure that all gold materials used are mined in a responsible manner, helping neglected participants in the supply chain, miners get reasonable compensation, and overall working conditions are highly valued. In this way, small mining communities can sell gold raw materials at favorable prices, ensuring that mining operations meet strict environmental and social standards. (After July 2018, Chopard made 100% of ethical and ethical gold materials for jewelry and watch production.) In addition to receiving honors, LUC Quattro watches have to be eclectic, refining past glory into a new interpretation of today. . This is the iconic L.U.C Quattro from the L.U.C collection. This watch is equipped with the L.U.C 98.01-L movement, has a power reserve function of up to 9 days, and is certified by the Swiss official observatory precision timepiece. The watch design has evolved from the L.U.C XP and XPS series launched in 2017. The entire dial is polished with a vertical silver satin-finished silver dial and contrasted with blue hands. At 6 o’clock, there is a sub-dial that follows the signature features of the L.U.C Quattro watch. This small dial is equipped with a small second hand and a date display function indicated by the hands. At 12 o’clock, the power reserve display is subdivided into 9 scales, which echoes up and down symmetrically with the sub-dial. The power reserve display is also the unique design of the L.U.C Quattro watch, with a 180-degree fan-shaped design. The shape of the hour markers follows the design of the most distinctive rocket-like pointer of the L.U.C series. The hands are covered with a SuperLumiNova luminous coating. This design is from the first Chopard L.U.C 1860 watch. In fact, our ‘Fluo Hip Hop’ and Chopard are deeply connected. Last year, our teacher Ding Zhixiang hosted the L.U.C press release. This year we also talked with Mr. Karl-Friedrich Scheufele, the co-president of Chopard in Chengdu, about his favorite L.U.C watch. Chopard Co-President: Karl-Friedrich Scheufele & quot; My favorite watch must be the brand’s latest watch (laughs), but if it is true, it must be the first L.U.C 1860 watch first launched in 1996. Image source: Without this first one, it would not be possible to have L.U.C Full Strike which won us the Golden Pointer Award. With this beginning, inheritance, only later. So, L.U.C 1860 is my soul, my will, and of course Full Strike. & quot; A man who likes Chopard L.U.C, in addition to being able to be culturally capable and socially responsible, can also carry on his heritage. Like the Chopard L.U.C series, they are all unexpected, they are all beautiful, they are treasures. So, don’t be afraid to see a man in L.U.C. This man and the watch, decisively start, according to his own! Edit: KP | Vision and Cartography: KP Pictures: From the brand (partially from the Internet) Flow Hip-hop was launched by watch giants to the 8090 young people’s watch and jewelry culture guide

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