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September 2013

Delaneau Empress Watch-settled In Harrods, Harrods

Just a few weeks before the festive Christmas holiday, Empress DeLaneau is pleased to announce that its first retail store in the UK has entered one of the world’s most famous department stores One of Harrods Harrods.
The history of Harrods Department Store can be traced back to the 19th century. Over the past few decades, it has continuously grown and become one of the world’s most famous and high-end department stores. In Harold’s store, there are all kinds of famous brands on all continents in the world. Here you can enjoy the latest products of the most exciting brands in the world in one stop.

The Empress DeLaneau has created a unique Ecrin specially for the Harrods department store. It is carved with a real crystal ball to display the latest masterpiece of the Empress DeLaneau ladies’ watch. This is indeed the brand’s unique traditional craft Great opportunity. Created in the brand’s Geneva-based studio, these precious watches come from the hands of three outstanding enamel masters. Recognized as an indisputable reference in watch miniatures and enamel paintings, Empress DeLaneau is very proud to be able to showcase its finest works at Harrods.
The opening of the Harrods retail store in London is yet another example of the brand’s global expansion. In 2010, Empress DeLaneau opened two stores in Moscow and Geneva respectively. In 2011, the brand flagship store on Madison Avenue officially opened. It is opposite Barney’s Barnes boutique. Now, Empress DeLaneau is in Los Angeles. Neiman Marcus boutiques are also available.

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Small And Exquisite 31mm Great Wall Series Ladies Watch Appreciation

The Great Wall is a sword and sword, it is the drums contending, it is the wolf smoke, but who ever thought that this thick male masculinity also carefully guarded a tenderness. On a section of the Great Wall in Suizhong County, Liaoning, sculptures of lion hydrangea, tangled lotus, and Trojan Xiangyun are carved. The delicate and affectionate patterns depict women’s dedication to love and their faith in love. For thousands of years, the British souls on the ancient battlefield of the Great Wall have been the lover who was deeply missed in the dream of spring boudoir. The 31mm Women’s Watch of the Great Wall series combines the femininity of a woman with ancient Chinese architecture with a pure exquisiteness, creating the faith of love between the wrists.

           31mm Great Wall Women’s Watch

 The Great Wall series women’s watch is made of 316L stainless steel, and the silver embossed dial is decorated with unique scales. The waterproof depth is 50 meters, which is suitable for more occasions. The hands are treated with white Super LumiNova®, and the double-sided anti-glare sapphire mirror ensures clear readings at night. And through the transparent background, the craftsmanship of fine carving makes people recall the shocking power of the ‘Great Wall’ again.

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The Name Of Hublot’s Iconic Big Bang Series Comes From

Hublot perfectly combines natural rubber and precious metal materials. The name of Hublot HUBLOT is derived from the design of ship portholes. When I came to Hublot in 2004, I wanted to revive the brand’s principle of reconstruction and then add modern elements. Thus, Hublot spanned 24 years in just one year, and Big Bang was born. ‘——Jean-Claude Beaver; Ricardo Guadalupe

 ‘Big Bang’ will soon be reminiscent of the era in which the ancestors lived and the Big Bang. It was because of the big bang and various elements that the universe and the planet we lived in-Earth. No matter it is life or time, everything is born in the moment of breaking ground in the flood, it symbolizes a new world and a new future. Therefore, in 2005, the current Chairman of the Hublot Board of Directors, Mr. Jean-Claude Beaver and the current CEO of Hublot, Ricardo Guadalupe, decided to name their first collection of watches as ‘ ‘Big Bang’ is no accident. In fact, Hublot’s Big Bang series is also synonymous with its own rebirth, creation and revival: revolutionary design, revolutionary material fusion and Hublot’s new brand philosophy, all with the birth of Big Bang in April 2005 Ushered in a great turn. The traditional Swiss watch art and contemporary passion embodied in Hublot have emerged as a new starting point.

A true ‘art of fusion’ from the universe

 Since the establishment of Hublot in 1980, the detailed design of Hublot watches has continuously evolved. Only the appearance of the watch adheres to the first watch’s interpretation of the word HUBLOT-the porthole. The birth of Big Bang was inspired by Hublot’s original design in 1980: the shape of the round case, the screws were reactivated, and the strap was still made of natural rubber. While Hublot has undergone revolutionary changes, it has maintained continuity. Just like everything in nature that is constantly evolving at any moment, Hublot has always adhered to the concept of innovation, and is also committed to connecting the past and the future: research and development of ultra-light materials, creating new colors … Hublot has an infinite future.

In 2005, Big Bang brought the “explosion” effect to Hublot and the entire watchmaking industry
Round and large dial
The bezel structure is significantly embossed above the case
Six H-shaped screws running through the case bring memories of the porthole
The Big Bang series is Hublot’s perfect interpretation of the concept of fusion. The large-size dial is equipped with a bezel with a sharp angle and a sharp-angled case. This proportion is exactly the basis of the beautiful shape.

 Watches should have mechanical beauty and dynamic beauty, and strike a balance between the two. While the contour lines reflect the characteristics and personality of the watch, the use of color and materials is also crucial. Therefore, the design of the BIG BANG series fully considers the consideration of porthole shape and fusion philosophy: the straight line reflects the modern style, the color reflects the philosophical tendency of Hublot, and the material shows the technical level. Each part of the watch is constructed with deep lines. While using various materials such as ceramics, rose gold, natural rubber, etc., pay attention to the different colors of the material itself and use different processes on the same material to achieve a richer level of visual effects . This visual image of the harmony of lines and materials makes BIG BANG’s design memorable and has become the focus of attention once it was launched at the 2005 Basel Watch & Jewellery Exhibition.

 The first surprise is Big Bang’s outstanding appearance. A close look at its structure can not help but appreciate its perfection in detail, and the elements that have been repeatedly reviewed and designed are perfectly integrated with the whole, giving a pleasing visual impact. The number of screws is reduced to six, which is more eye-catching and impressive while showing the personality of the bezel-the screws no longer serve as a point of time or decoration, but instead take on the structure that penetrates and stabilizes the entire sandwich body The essential. The design of the dial is extremely simple, with oversized timepieces, digital mixed hour markers and graduations. The modern visual effect highlights the distinctive temperament and is unforgettable.

 Looking closely at the case, you will notice the different materials fused in parallel. For example, rose gold / king gold case, ceramic bezel, titanium buttons, Kevlar fiber inserts in the body structure. In fact, since the birth of Hublot, it has continued to build its own unique watchmaking philosophy by matching gold (from the earth) and natural rubber (from tropical trees) and exploring the concept of fusion between mineral and plant elements. And the art of fusion does not just happen in the above two fields. The sky and the earth, the universe and the earth, the past and the future, the tradition and the innovation also merge from time to time. Therefore, the Big Bang series makes a variety of materials collide, and uses the design rooted in the brand to fully display the art of fusion. Finally, a natural rubber strap with a variety of patterns, such as ribbing and smoothness, allows the wrist to enjoy a unique, comfortable and comfortable touch.

 In the autumn of 2005, the Big Bang series won many international awards as soon as it came out: ‘The Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève’ won the prestigious ‘Best Design Prize’; Since then, he has won the ‘Sports Watch Prize’ at the ‘Watch of the Year’ ceremony held in Japan, and the ‘Best Watch of the Year’ editor’s choice in Bahrain. ‘Oversized Watch.’

The evolution of BIG BANG

 After the spectacular 2005, the Big Bang series still maintains its unique appearance, and has released a variety of sizes, supplemented by complex such as tourbillon, large calendar display, power reserve indicator and dual chase chronograph. Craft.
BIG BANG evolution timeline
In 2005
Big Bang series is born
Why is Hubble’s iconic BIG BANG series named?
year 2006
Big Bang All Black

 Hublot continues to innovate in design. New members are constantly being added to the Big Bang series. The ‘all black’ concept is to push the design limit forward again, making it more pure and concise. Since 2006, the ‘full black’ concept, which uses pure solid colors, has become the most vivid example of this step. The all-black concept contains the Zen meaning of ‘invisible and visible’. It is invisible and inconspicuous, yet it is striking. The Big Bang all black watch from the case to the dial’s natural matte texture and multi-layered, black with different materials are extremely accurate to reflect the technical functions, perfect!
In 2007
Big Bang King

 Big Bang King adopts large size. Although it is extra large, it still maintains the original proportion. The single rotating bezel is digitally engraved. The sporty appearance is matched with precious materials and precious stones. This fusion design meets social and diving needs at the same time.

In 2007
Big Bang Aero Bang

 In 2007, Hublot gave Aero the name of the hollow dial design in BIG BANG. You can see the movement of the skeleton Aero movement directly through the vivid open-cut dial. At the same time, this complicated hollow design also makes the fakes with their appearances imitate in the professional eyes. Since its launch in 2007, the Aero Bang hollow-out series has become Hublot’s best-selling style.

Year 2008
Big Bang Fruit Collection


 The ‘Tutti Frutti’ series watch boldly uses bright and lively shimmering colors, which shine, making people feel indescribable pleasure. These Big Bang watches, set with sapphires, amethysts, topaz, garnets, tsavorites and diamonds, are available in rose gold or black ceramic cases. The side inserts in various colors echo the hues of the gems and strap , Shining the tenderness of women. For ladies with slender wrists, the dial of the Big Bang 38mm watch without a timer is completely washed out, but the bezel is set with diamonds, which is a perfect choice for low-key and elegance.
year 2011
Big Bang caviar

The Big Bang caviar series, born in 2011, is a famous name. It is derived from the unique iconic design of the Big Bang million dollar caviar watch: the precious diamond is embedded in the watch body with superb invisible mosaic technology. Like caviar, they are neatly and neatly arranged, showing a worldly light.

While continuing the classic design of Big Bang, the caviar series uses one of the most ideal index materials-ceramics: 30% lighter than stainless steel, 100% anti-scratch, 100% anti-allergy, 100% rugged and rust-proof, and then passed Specially designed, cut and chamfered to give it diamond-like quality while setting trends. With the popularity of black caviar, in 2012 and 2013 Hublot launched caviar fruit series with colored gems and rose gold / steel rose gold caviar / catfish caviar.

year 2011
Big Bang animal print

The Hublot Ladies watch contains avant-garde fashion design and infinite creative elements. Much like men’s watches, women’s watches are both trendy and innovative, while also showing respect for the traditional watchmaking industry. Since the launch of the Big Bang leopard watch in 2011, Hublot has introduced the popular animal pattern in the fashion industry into its watch design with its own unique fusion design. The Big Bang python and Big The Bang zebra pattern continues the use of animal grain dials and straps in the Big Bang appearance, and the bezel is set with carefully matched high-quality gemstones.

Big Bang Ferrari

In November 2011, Hublot and Ferrari formally announced their partnership in Italy, which means that the Swiss watchmaking brand has become the Italian manufacturer’s all-round exclusive watchmaking partner. At the Baselworld Watch & Jewellery Show 2012, Hublot officially launched the first watch in cooperation with Ferrari. Its new evolution is derived from the iconic design of Big Bang in 2005, combining a new material-Hublot’s world-first ‘Magic Gold’, equipped with Hublot’s independently developed UNICO movement, Big Bang Ferrari is destined to be unprecedented-bigger The case (45.5 mm in diameter) is more dynamic and mechanical-this is the first evolution of Big Bang since its release in 2005.

Today, the Hublot brand has introduced watchmaking materials from the new era, such as Kevlar fiber, carbon fiber, ceramics, titanium, etc. The concept of fusion is also moving forward: the classic materials used in the watchmaking tradition are fused Fusion with new materials from new technology. The new alloy material was independently developed by the Hublot watch factory. Wang Jin, Magic Gold, and Magic Red Ceramics are all contrary to the tradition of applying materials produced by industrial machinery to watchmaking. Instead, the watchmaking industry first developed new materials. Widely used in other industries. Such technological developments have also made it possible for designers and engineers to imagine revolutionary styles by using new materials. This is exactly how Hublot merged when designing the Big Bang-the fusion of Swiss watchmaking tradition and the 21st century. Big Bang showcased Hublot’s amazing design capabilities and perfectly interpreted the innovative ‘fused art’: insightful artistic creativity, the fusion of new materials, and the fusion of Swiss traditional watchmaking technology and high-tech in the 21st century.

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