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February 2013

2017 Sihh Parmigiani New Products Summary

Parmigiani has changed its major series of watches at the 2017 SIHH Geneva watch exhibition, introducing a new oval case tourbillon watch, new Tonda 1950 meteorite surface Watches, the new TORIC CHRONOMETRE and the new Bugatti chronograph. The new watches of each series continue to maintain the iconic design and tradition of Parmigiani on the one hand, and on the other hand make the watch more modern. Among them, the Tonda 1950 and TORIC CHRONOMETRE have strong traditional characteristics, and the new Bugatti chronograph is more sporty than the previous Parmigiani chronograph. Although Parmigiani’s watches are relatively niche, they have a very high brand, and the level of parts used is one level of Patek Philippe and Lange, and they are even better than that.
Parmigiani Tonda 1950 meteorite watch

   The Parmigiani Tonda 1950 meteorite watch has recently launched two new models. Including the white disk meteorite surface and the blue disk meteorite surface. All we see here is the version of the white meteorite surface. The faceted meteorite on this Parmigiani meteorite watch comes from Sweden (meteorites were found in Sweden). In fact, Parmigiani’s meteorite surface appeared in 2015. The natural meteorite dial brings a unique dial effect to this watch. The texture of the disc is different from any precious or semi-precious material on the earth. This meteorite texture is called the Widmenstätten pattern. Although the pattern is special, the effect of the watch is very low-key. Crossed meteorite textures will flash in the sun.
Watch real shot: The design of the Parmigiani watch is always different, just like this Ovale tourbillon watch, using a goose-shaped case (ovale means oval). The goose oval has now become one of Parmigiani’s iconic cases. This year Parmigiani introduced the goose-shaped tourbillon again. Compared with the previous version, the cut-out of the disk was cancelled. The round watch is the most secure and safe watch shell. Whether it is a traditional watch or a current smart watch, you can choose a round shell. However, Parmigiani has well grasped the characteristics of the oval case. Through the lugs, the shell shape makes the oval case have a good wearing comfort and a balanced surface. It can be said that in the special case shape, Parmigiani is one of the best watch factories in the watch industry.
News Materials: CHRONOMETRE Watches

   At the 2017 SIHH Geneva watch fair, Parmigiani launched the new TORIC CHRONOMETRE watch, which includes two models, the platinum version and the rose gold version. The design of this watch achieves the best combination of visual effects and wearing comfort. Parmigiani has completely optimized the shape of the watch, which fits the wrist well and has the outstanding appearance of contemporary watches. This watch fully integrates the characteristic elements of Parmigiani watches. Although it is a three-hand watch, it shows enough luxury.
News Materials: Aérolithe Performance Chronometer

   The Bugatti Chronograph launched by Parmigiani this year can actually be regarded as an upgraded version of the Bugatti Chronograph in 2014. Parmigiani uses more sports elements in the new Bugatti Aerolithe Performance Titanium chronograph, making the watch look more closely related to the Bugatti sports car. Parmigiani’s designers learned from last year’s Senfine concept movement that more technical element applications can make watches more attractive.
News Materials: Pantographe Watches

   The origins of Ovale Pantographe watches are well known. Parmigiani’s watchmaking workshops do not know how many masterpieces of watchmaking craftsmanship, but there is one work that is particularly irritating. This is an oval pocket watch dating back to 1780. It is equipped with a unique system: the two detents that share a cam cause the pointer to perform a telescopic movement. This technological feat inspired further exploration of Parmigiani’s watchmaking, and finally made it in its own way. Of course, this antique pocket watch already has a solution. Parmigiani’s task was to convert it to a watch. This is the Ovale Pantographe watch you see now.
News materials: For more details, please click on watch house Geneva watch live broadcast feature:

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Hublot Hublot Cigar Watch Luxury Taste-news Hublot

Following the great success of the King Power ‘Arturo Fuente’ watch released two years ago, HUBLOT collaborated again with the world-renowned cigar brand ARTURO FUENTE and celebrated the latest Classic Fusion ‘ForbiddenX’ in Dubai. The advent of watches. Hublot CEO Ricardo Guadalupe and Carlos Fuente Jr, grandson of the founder of ARTURO FUENTE cigar, attended the event to witness this important moment.

(From left to right) Ricardo Guadalupe, CEO of Hublot, Carlos Fuente Jr, grandson of the founder of Arturo Fuente, Marco Tedeschi, representative of Hublot Middle East

Cooperation with the famous cigar brand ARTURO FUENTE again, HUBLOT presents the Classic Fusion ‘ForbiddenX’ limited edition watch

On the same day, the most qualified cigar connoisseurs and watch collectors in Dubai gathered at the One & Only The Palm Hotel to celebrate the event. The scene showed that the Fuente family is proud of Cuban ancestry, which reproduces the Château de la Fuente estate. Atmosphere. Guests wearing Panama hats enjoy music and food, and taste the top ForbiddenX cigars. Time seems to be back in Havana decades ago.

Classic Fusion ‘ForbiddenX’ Tourbillon, limited collection of 250 pieces, equipped with MHUB6011 manual winding tourbillon movement, independently developed by HUBLOT Hublot

Classic Fusion ‘ForbiddenX’ titanium case with brown ceramic bezel, limited edition of 250

The Classic Fusion ‘ForbiddenX’ series watch fully demonstrates HUBLOT’s core value-Art of Fusion. Its dial material is blended with real tobacco leaves, which is used to make the famous ForbiddenX cigars. The tobacco leaves were transported from the Fuente base in Santo Domingo to the Hublot factory in Switzerland, where they were set into the dial by craftsmen and stably strengthened with epoxy resin. Classic Fusion ‘ForbiddenX’ series watches are displayed in wooden cigar boxes. These cigar boxes are also specially designed and manufactured by Hublot to adjust the humidity of cigars and ensure the perfect storage environment.

Classic Fusion ‘ForbiddenX’ King Gold case with brown ceramic bezel, limited edition of 150

Classic Fusion ‘ForbiddenX’ black ceramic case with brown ceramic bezel, limited to 250 pieces

This series of watches is 45mm in diameter. The brown ceramic bezel matches the dial color of the tobacco leaf. There are four styles to choose from, including a titanium case, a black ceramic case, a King Gold case, and a global limit of 30 King Gold Tourbillon. The King Gold tourbillon is powered by Hublot’s independently developed HUB6011 movement. It consists of 155 parts and has a five-day power reserve. The tourbillon frame can be seen through the hollow design of the dial. All design, development and manufacturing are done by Hublot engineers and watchmakers in their own factories. In addition, this series of watches is equipped with a calf leather strap in the same color as the tobacco leaf, displaying the unique ForbiddenX logo. ForbiddenX cigars have always been known and appreciated by connoisseurs all over the world. The Château de la Fuente workshop in the Dominican Republic even has a dedicated ForbiddenX cigar production space. Its unique spicy taste can provide wonderful and pleasant feelings, according to Carlos Fuente Mr Jr said that this cigar deserves to be treasured for particularly important moments.

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