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June 2012

Montblanc Timewalker Series Homemade Movement Chronograph Video Real Shot

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The new Montblanc Timewalker series self-made movement chronograph uses the classic three chronograph ‘Panda’ dial, equipped with a new self-winding chronograph movement independently developed by Montblanc, which is the legacy of traditional chronograph Infused with new ideas. The design inspiration of the new timepiece is rooted in the racing world, and every detail makes it feel like returning to the golden age of racing. Three white three-dimensional black chronograph dials are distributed on the white dial, interpreting the classic ‘Panda’ dial design. The bold design of black and white contrasting colors is reminiscent of the dashboard settings of a classic racing car, which is highly recognizable. Since its introduction in the 1960s and 1970s, the ‘Panda’ dial has been popular in the watchmaking industry and has become a distinctive mark in the history of watchmaking. It has been praised by the industry for its clever fusion of ingenious aesthetic design and clear reading function. .

Montblanc TimeWalker Chronograph
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