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October 2010

Bvlgari Bvlgari’s New 2014 Autumn And Winter Accessories

130 years ago, Mr. Sotirio Bulgari, the founder of BVLGARI, created the first flagship store in Rome. Since then, 130 of Rome’s two thousand years of art Inheritance inspired Bulgari’s endless creative inspiration. This eternal city has given Bulgari its pure artistic pedigree. Myths, epics, architecture, literature, painting and other ancient Roman cultural and artistic elements are perfectly integrated into Bulgari’s creations and transformed into the brand’s unique style symbols.

  SERPENTI is a symbol of eternal youth, feminine charm and eternal immortality. This mysterious totem is deeply imprinted in the long history of the eternal city of Rome. In ‘The Queen of Cleopatra’, Elizabeth Taylor’s peerless style, It has also developed into Bulgari’s long-standing iconic style design.
  PARENTESI is Sodio’s deep love for Rome. He was fascinated by every corner of the city, and finally transformed the curve of the streets of the ancient Roman pedestrian streets into this iconic arc and integrated it into the Bulgari jewelry design. In. The excellent ‘comfortable wearing’ makes Bulgari suitable for all-day wear, and the pure color of the fire is rooted in the brand’s DNA. Just like the great painter knows how to use bold and free color to give the work eternal art life.

  The autumn / winter 2014 accessory series interprets the brand tradition with contemporary wisdom. The innovative silhouette is inspired by landmarks in the magnificent Roman city. The rich colors interpret the thousands of landscapes that run through the pedestrian street of the eternal city.

  Bright silver and bright grey are the crystal clear springs flowing from the Roman fountains, while the golden gold is the dazzling sun light reflected from the ancient bronze on the ruins in the city.

  The dense water is inspired by the turquoise blue and green waters of the Tiber River flowing through Rome, from the lush parks, and from the beautiful gardens hidden in the ancient Roman royal palaces.

  Roman red has long been a symbol of wealth, from crimson to purplish red to flamen rose red. It is the red of falling autumn leaves and the red of ancient costumes.

  The SERPENTI series brings a new snake scale design this season, and with a linear frame, top handle and modern, architectural style silhouette, the woman and her handbag are more closely combined. This design allows the bag to have both hand feel and multiple functions. It can be carried on the shoulder, can be carried on the shoulder, and can be carried.

  Bold use of contrasting materials, such as leopard-print foal leather with delicate calfskin, or a gradual shiny finish on rose gold python and pearl gray calfskin, or silver-plated enamel snake head buckle and leather chain straps Gives the new season the Bulgari SERPENTI series more interesting.

  The charming little folds seen on this season’s DIVA and SERPENTI handbags are inspired by ancient jewelry boxes, and the iconic brass snake-shaped buckle with egg-shaped cut gemstones has a matte sheen in this season. Alligator and calfskin face each other.

  The creative 3D snake scale design makes this season’s SERPENTI scale glasses particularly different: whether it is the bright contrast of pine green and green, or the brown to bronze gradient on metal and enamel, it has strengthened the scale part. Stereo effect.

  ICONA10’s modern streamlined contours are a metaphor for the geometric figures in Rome, and the colors are mixed in bright red, black, magnolia white, camel, rock gray, and bright blue.

  ICONA10 is designed for those who are looking for solid and energetic women with large-capacity bags. The interior of the bags is cut off by multiple layers of soft lambskin. It takes a lot of manpower and extremely fine calfskin processing technology-Palmellatura is the highlight of this handbag. Palmellatura is a process that enhances the softness of leather. A hand-held tool called Palmella is used to create distinctive grain effects, allowing each piece of leather to show a truly unique texture.

  Even more surprising is the V-shaped pattern hand-woven with patented strip leather and the MaxiSpiga grid pattern woven with a hand-knitting machine.

  The metal frame on the MONETE handbag and the top handle decorated with the iconic coins make the handbag look more contoured and angular. Architectural bas-relief patterns are printed on the textured full-grain calfskin, and the interior embossed ceiling seamlessly expands the bag storage space.
  ISABELLAROSSELLINI handbags bring a new rich color combination, with pink, gray and bright red with red enamel like fire paint, once again highlight this series of handmade craftsmanship. In terms of materials, in addition to the brand’s unique Palmellato calfskin, this season also used the more rare cherry red and robin blue shiny alligator leather.

  The LIPSTICK dinner bag is a ‘fashion pass’ suitable for 24-hour use. Aqua blue, lilac purple, red currant, gold, dark green and lizard skin, lambskin, patent leather interpret 13 gorgeous combinations of different colors and materials, and launch Several Bulgari unique high jewelry handbags.
  DIVA and INTARSIO new glasses perfectly represent the soul of jewellery in Rome and Bulgari. The cute little beads and 116 hand-embedded crystals arranged in a fan-shaped pattern, smoky gray and navy blue lenses, marble red and black acetate frames, together shine out DIVA-style elegance. INTARSIO is a tribute to the artistic heritage of the Immortal City.

  Each new scarf series tells a beautiful Roman love story. The winding serpenti small ball-necklace, the brilliant Roman sunset-like colors reflected by precious gems, and the verdant lushness of the mysterious Roman Eden hidden in the palace, every scene makes every single item exude. Resist the seductive charm.

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