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August 2010

Montblanc Officially Entered Taichung Dayuanbai

The new landmark of China and Taiwan Regal Shopping Opening of top-quality boutique relay scale
Montblanc officially enters Taichung Taiyuan
Central District’s largest brand flagship store
Souvenirs from the town shop: Taiwan’s only commemorative table clock worth nearly NT $ 4 million welcomes you

    At the end of last year, the Montblanc Taichung Taiyuan 100 store opened grandly with the expectation of consumers. It officially entered the largest department store boutique theater in Taiwan. It was built on the scale of the world’s top flagship stores and introduced a new concept of decoration design. The total area is 55 pings. Became the second largest flagship store in Taiwan and the largest brand in Central District. In order to meet the top-level boutiques opened at the Taichung Dayuanbai Relay, Montblanc Taichung Taiyuanbai stores also offered a value of NT $ 3.88 million. To celebrate the 190th anniversary of the timer, a special limited edition of 19 sets of ‘Montblanc Nicolas Rieussec 190 ‘Anniversary Edition Clock’ is the treasure of the town shop, which attracts the wealthy Chinese and Taiwanese rich who love watch collections to appreciate.
Montblanc Taichung Taiyuan Hundred Specialty Store Town Shop: Montblanc Nicolas Rieussec 190th Anniversary Edition Clock Montblanc Nicolas Rieussec 190th Anniversary Edition Clock is specially launched to celebrate the 190th anniversary of the timer. It is limited to 19 sets worldwide. This uniquely designed Montblanc Nicolas Rieussec 190th Anniversary Edition Clock has a height of 33 cm, a width of 33 cm and a depth of 22 cm. When fully equipped, it weighs 19 kg. Below the table clock is a large table timer, which has the same appearance as the Montblanc Nicolas Rieussec series watch. It operates the chronograph function with a strip mechanism and is equipped with a watch winding machine. One of the clocks can be attached to this table clock. Only Montblanc 18K rose gold Nicolas Rieussec automatic chronograph watch is wound. All the clocks of this set of clocks are housed in an upright metal seat with a forged surface and covered with glass to prevent dust and other environmental factors from damaging the clock. It is the perfect masterpiece created by Montblanc’s top watch factories in Switzerland with the latest technology.

Central District’s largest flagship store is gorgeously displayed
    When I entered the store, I was attracted by the crystal chandelier of the Montblanc hexagonal star logo in the store. The oval jewelry display cabinet created a low-key luxury and elegant and comfortable atmosphere. , Interpreting Montblanc’s consistent style of excellence and nobility.

    In order to cater for the brand’s different needs for various types of goods, the Founder’s specialty store has set up different product areas to fully display the four product lines of Montblanc jewelry, watches, leather goods and writing instruments. Under the central crystal lamp printed on the door, Montblanc’s exquisite women’s jewellery and high-end watch series display area is displayed, and on both sides of the wall are Montblanc’s high-end watch series and the irreplaceable models since its establishment Limited writing instruments, and further down there is a full range of leather goods and accessories.

Strengthen professional watchmaking
    In recent years, Montblanc actively entered the field of professional watchmaking and achieved great results. Entering Montblanc’s latest concept stores can feel this strong ambition. The brand-new Montblanc Faraway boutique, the entire wall display window on the right and the glass case below, show a charming watch masterpiece in an orderly manner; the magnificent and long image of the Nicolas Rieussec watch on the left hand side, stands out The proud look of the first Montblanc home-made movement watch Nicolas Rieussec shown below, including a replica of an antique timing device based on the clock movement invented by Nicolas Rieussec in 1821, is eye-catching.

    Facing the bottom of the main entrance storefront is the Villeret 1858 area exuding exquisite craftsmanship. The chronology on the wall is silent, telling the development history of Minerva Watch Factory for more than 150 years. Watch display, let watch fans and collectors can not help but linger. Montblanc’s ‘Collection Villeret 1858’ series produced in vintage limited production, whether it is the traditional technology contained in the movement, the structure that can be adjusted to the most accurate and stable level, or the classic mother-of-pearl hexagonal white star logo, all reflect Montblanc A century of superb craftsmanship tradition. There is no doubt that the Montblanc ‘Collection Villeret 1858’ zone contains the three elements of Montblanc, Villeret and 1858. The precious and eternal value represented by it will surely shine in the watch art palace.

Paintings by young artists
    After exploring the mysteries of Montblanc’s watchmaking technology, detour to the left side is even more unique, in a separate area of ​​the display space, on the left wall is a full leather series, the glass cabinet in the center is a display With a wide range of men’s accessories and writing tools such as cufflinks, bracelets, necklaces, etc .; pushing the bottom hidden door along the wall of the display leather series is the exclusive honor for top customers to comfortably and secretly appreciate the products VIP room.

    The most stunning focal point of this area is the carefully set paintings of young artists located on the bottom wall. This piece by the Japanese artist Shinpei Naito uses the Montblanc hexagonal star as the concept of ‘River Side’ It is derived from the ‘Montblanc Young Artist World Patronage Project’ officially launched in 2004. Through the brand boutiques strictly selected by the main factory, it will constantly display the creative paintings of young artists selected by Montblanc, making the Montblanc boutiques like art museums. In general, it exudes a strong humanistic and artistic atmosphere and conveys to Montblanc’s persistent commitment to art and culture over the years.

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