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June 2010

Piaget Roseearl Rose Shines For 30 Years

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The ultimate bright garden party, a happy and gorgeous rose life. The 30th anniversary of Piaget Rose, a top jewelry watch brand, was held in Shanghai on June 7.
   The bird’s language lingers on the lush green, and the winding path gradually becomes denser. Surrounded by flowers and plants, the event site has been transformed into an earl’s garden that blends with nature. Gorgeous Piaget Rose became the protagonist of the garden, blooming in the joyful light. The Limelight Garden Party series, which is inspired by the elegant gesture of Piaget Rose, has gathered in China for the first time. The natural and harmonious place embodies the joy of the 30th anniversary celebration.
    Eve Earl? The fourth-generation descendant of the Earl who loves roses came to the scene to share with his guests his love and feelings for roses. Internationally acclaimed film artist Chen Chong and beautiful female anchor Hou Peizen also talked about their rose life. Music genius Li Quan performed a piano sing ‘La Vie En Rose’ to fully interpret the splendid chapter of Piaget’s rose life, and models wore bright and elegant Piaget jewelry and watches to shine on the stage. Finally, a very jazz-like ‘Rose Rose I Love You’ pushed the atmosphere to a climax. Earl Rose’s 30th anniversary shines, and writes a happy poem entitled Rose Life for all guests.

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