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May 2010

A Man Who Takes You To The Deep Sea Lauren Ballesta

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Antarctic, the ultimate earth;
   It draws out the coldest and most ruthless world despair with many of the world’s most circles. Behind the silver envelope is natural majesty that cannot be blasphemed.

   In the coldest place, the average inland temperature is minus 40 ° C to minus 60 ° C, the steel plate is as fragile as glass, and the hot water freezes before landing;
   The most stormy place, gusts of 40-50m / s, maximum wind speed of 100m / s, truly ‘world wind pole’;
   In the driest place, the annual rainfall in the central continent is 5mm, which is even less than that in the Sahara Desert;
   The most lonely place, the only continent in the world that has no permanent residents, the most desolate and indifferent human forbidden area on earth.

   In the face of such extreme and even deadly natural forces, human beings are extremely small and helpless,

   A man with his team of professional divers,
   The human figure is engraved on the bottom of the Antarctic ice floe to complete this unprecedented pioneering initiative.
   His purpose is by no means a challenge to prove the limit or a ritual to stand up,
   In his eyes, the achievement of ‘deep diving under the Antarctic ice sheet’ is nothing but a way to complete the mission.
   What really drove him to ‘seek the truth and ignore his life’ is a very warm original intention,
   Discover and protect cute creatures in the oceans of the world.
   Maybe you are a little strange to him, but he really made an indelible contribution to human understanding of nature and record of nature,
   This cute and respectable man is called-Laurent Ballesta.

    People who know him say that the image of this man is a bit ‘contradictory’, but the more ‘contradictory’ the more charming:
   Not only is it a conqueror of Antarctica,
   Another gentle man with an animal in his arms,
   A scientist who is best at photography,
   Is the most proficient artist in diving,
   He is the world’s top marine biologist and winner of the Hans Hass Fifty Fathoms Award from Blancpain,
   On him, the joke was extremely vivid and appropriate-‘Scientists who can’t take deep sea photography are not good tough guys!’

   The video language of Lauren Ballesta is very interesting,
   Penguins standing in a row can swim up after entering the water; seals that do not wake up smile at you in the water and sell cute;
   In his lens,
   The ruthless Antarctic ice caves have regained temperature,
   The natural wonders and fascinating polar life of the awe-inspiring and magical work are leaping before the eyes of the world.

   Behind these wonderful images, however, is the impersonal environment endured by Lauren Ballesta and the great price paid.

   As soon as it entered the water, the extreme cold struck quickly, and the pain was so real that it was like a cone of ice stabbing into the bone. To ensure the vivid image of the material, of course, purely mechanical shooting could not be satisfied. . After a while, the fingers and toes begin to change from pain to stiffness, and gradually lose consciousness. This is not a relief of pain. It is precisely the danger. If you do not control the duration, your life will be threatened at any time. If you go to the shore in the morning, you will waste valuable underwater shooting opportunities. In the end, Lauren Balles chose to leave this magical world that made her painful but happier when her body reached its limit and must not be delayed for another second.

   Once ashore, the extreme cold experience is even more upgraded. In the extreme low temperature of minus 40 ° C to minus 60 ° C, the steel plate will be fragile and fragile like glass. The hot water will freeze or even sublimate before landing, let alone the human body. Flesh and blood. The oxygen is almost completely depleted, and you can only rely on large mouth breathing to snatch life; the water droplets on your face quickly freeze. If the underwater experience is ice cones, the pain of the water will cut like a blade across every inch of exposed skin.

   Suffocation, collapse, severe cold, and severe pain.

   A normal person will never engage in such a lethal adventure, to support Lauren Ballesta’s motivation to enter and exit the water again and again, to face the limits of life, I am afraid I can only use the love of science, diving, photography and life exploration Explanation.

   Inhuman endurance brings extraordinary achievements.

   As an artist, Lauren Ballesta brings vitality and warmth to Antarctica with precious images;
   As an explorer, Lauren Ballesta led a professional diving team to engraving humans for the first time on the bottom of the Antarctic Ice Floe;
   As a scientist, Lauren Ballesta’s three expeditions through the Coelacanth Expedition Research Project have made even more outstanding contributions to the field of human marine life:

   He completed the first human dive into the water 120 meters below the surface, closely observed the coelacanth fish in reality, and carried out scientific exploration of it. This giant marine creature, known as ‘living fossil’, was once thought to have been extinct 70 million years ago, and its discovery was one of the greatest zoological discoveries of the twentieth century.

   He completed the record of the largest group of grey reef sharks (about 400-700) that have been poached by humans at night so far. Once confirmed, the shark night hunting strategy discovered by him will directly challenge human’s existing knowledge of marine life.

   He completed the first scientific research project of a team of professional divers who reached the bottom of the Antarctic ice floe for the first time, which not only represents the new achievements of human beings to challenge the limits, but also interprets new breakthroughs in the professional diving field, and presents for the first time the Antarctic deep ocean ecosystem Natural appearance. Project results were requested by the National Museum of Natural History in Paris (MNHN) and the National Science Research Centre of Marseille (CNRS) as reference materials for official thesis. The video material appeared in the new documentary ‘Antarctic Expedition: Touch of the Wild!’ Initiated and filmed by French director Luc Jacquet.

   Like all outstanding scientists and artists, there must be boundless suffering, patience, and even loneliness behind brilliant achievements.

   Fortunately, Lauren Ballesta is not alone.

   Moving forward with him is the same passionate team, and a close friend who has always been firm and continues to provide technical and financial support-the pioneer of modern diving watches, Blancpain, Switzerland’s top watch brand.

   Anyone who knows Lauren Ballesta knows a habit before he went into the water-carefully staring at the ‘old friend’ Blancpain watch on his wrist, turning the unidirectional rotating bezel to determine the deep dive time- For him, it was as important as confirming the safety of the equipment, wearing an oxygen mask, and even a sacred ritual of entering the water. Lauren’s full set of deep diving equipment is also printed with the word ‘BLANCPAIN’. It is like a close friend who doesn’t need to say a word and his silent and trusting eyes, accompanying him to battle repeatedly, often searching.

   Blancpain, Switzerland’s top watch brand known as the ‘Pioneer of Modern Dive Watches’, created the world’s first modern diving watch, Fifty Fathoms, in 1952, and was officially launched in 1953. Putting it on the market, the watch giant has established a history of more than 60 years with diving.

   In order to pay tribute to this brand tradition, Blancpain is committed to exploring and preserving the oceans on the earth. Many marine public welfare projects funded by Blancpain have brought together Blancpain’s “heart-to-ocean” charity cause, including full funding for labor. Llen Ballesta led and successfully conducted three Coelacanth Expedition Research projects. In 2014, Blancpain released 250 “Mind the Ocean” limited edition watches, and donated 1,000 Euros for each watch sold to fund the “Blancin Ocean Commitment”. In the end, all of the 250,000 euros were awarded to Lauren Ballesta and his team, which became the most solid and powerful source of the Coelacanth Expedition Research project.

   In 2013, on the 94th anniversary of the birth of Professor Hans Hass, a pioneer in marine exploration in Austria, Blancpain and the jury of the Hans Haas Award of the British Historical Diving Association jointly awarded Lauren Balles. Tappape ‘Hans Haas Fifty Great Prize’. At the same time, on the 60th anniversary of the birth of the Fifty Fathoms series, Blancpain is proud to award Lauren Ballesta, the pioneer of this modern diving watch.

   Lauren Ballesta’s scientific exploration has never stopped, Blancpain’s determination to support the marine public good will never waver, the fate of this young multi-dwelling leader and a long-time watch brand will continue to be written down to create more stories With legend.

   On November 11, 2016, Lauren Ballesta will come to Shanghai, China to join hands with Blancpain to witness the global achievements and blue vision of this long-time Swiss watch brand ‘Mind the Ocean’. At that time, you will get closer to and understand this flesh-and-blood scientist, a brave artist, an explorer from beginning to end, and a charming tough guy with more tenderness.

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